Saturday, 17 May 2014


That is the other example, which is recorded with one of our own voices, telling some things about one of the trains' cartoons chapters. Subtitles are also available.


This is one of the examples of our activity. We have played some videos to our students related to Hello Kitty cartoons, Peppa pig and Cars and trains. Using Tellagami application we have recorded this, which is the product that our students will have to develop. 
In this example we have used the tipying mode, and a voice which sais the text. It is available with subtitles in case it is not undertood.


Here it is the project idea we have for next activity with small children form 6 to 7 years old, who are in the 1st level of Primary Education.
It is reflected on a pinterest board. The topic is good habits of hygiene and health.


Good morning world!

We are two physical education teachers from a bilingual school un Murcia, Spain, Sandra and Laura. In this blog we are sharing some technology tasks, made by our students, that we are developing related to our subject.

We hope you enjoy our activities and that they will help you to get some ideas!

See you soon!